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At the present time, J & D Components is producing sabots for .22 caliber to .30 caliber as well as .30 caliber to .50cacaliber. Future sizes will include .22 or .243 to 7mm cartridges, and .22 or .243 to .270 cartridges. Future plans also include sabots which will allow .338 bullets to .45, .50 black powder bores.

We also manufacture special setters which will enable you to load the soft tipped bullets into the plastic sabots correctly to prevent damage to the bullet point. This also assures accuracy when fired.

We have observed several advantages when using sabots. The muzzle velocity of the bullet is substantially increased due to less drag during expansion of the barrel. The life of the gun barrel is greatly enhanced as the sabot resin material less frictional wear against the riflings. In addition, barrel riflings do not build up copper or lead residues from bullets as there is never any physical contact during expansion.

The sabot is injection molded from nylon heat resistant poly resin plastic compounds which will resists temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheight.

The most exciting feature of our sabots is the uniform "flowering" which occurs immediately as the bullet exits the muzzle. Our design is intended to allow the user to maintain excellent group shooting. The only recommendation we make for successful group shooting is that any previously fired barrel must be cleaned before sabot rounds are fired as the residue will foul the accuracy of the sabot.

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